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*Disclaimer: Color My Media is a media company who has filmed hundreds of diverse speakers and presenters. Preparing a People (PAP) was the concept that launched Spiritual and Inspirational content and Events to Gather and uplift people all over the world. 


As a result, we are not responsible, nor do we endorse every opinion expressed by those we film or assist. However, every effort is made to prayerfully consider and feature only those presenters whose values and teachings are consistent with the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and the End-Time Mission of the Gathering of Israel. Speakers and Presenters are ultimately responsible for their own opinions, content, videos, DVD's, books etc. Their sold items and video content are of their own creation and legal responsibility.

Color My Media & the Preparing a People Team have been very busy since Spring of this year creating a new WEBSITE where many of the past 100s of classes filmed at the Book of Mormon Evidence Conferences and Expos will be put ONLINE!

It's LIVE now for the Holiday Season, 2019!    www.BookofMormonEvidenceStreaming.com
See Sample Talk Here

JUST PUBLISHED! Learn about David Allan, World Renown Time Physicist "The Praying Scientist." He has been awarded almost every top honor in Science! He testifies of God's Inspiration, and is responsible for the ALLAN VARIANCE which developed the Atomic Clock & our GPS Systems!  Click Here or Below
NEW! FIRESIDE with the ROME, ITALY TEMPLE Architect  Click Here
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*The Latest!   

ALL Gospel Doctrine Lessons & Comprehensive Summaries by Donna Max. AWESOME for "Come Follow Me" Study!


~SPECIAL PRESENTATIONS ~ Avraham Gileadi talks about the Role of the 144,000 HERE

~***The St. George Utah PAP Event *** HERE

~Rod Meldrum Interview on Book of Mormon DNA~"Stepping Into Freedom" Podcast HERE
~ Nancy James' Interview on The Voice of Cumorah & Covenants ~"Stepping Into Freedom" Podcast HERE

~Part 1 & 2 with David Warwick HERE

~Part 1 of 2 with Jenny & Lisa HERE

*NEW Special Presentation on the Book of Mormon  HERE

(All Audio and Video PODCASTS in 1 Location)


Plus: Play the Piano FULL VIDEO COURSE with Curriculum (Costs $50 at The Piano Gallery)!

Filmed by Color My Media!  CLICK HERE


~The 1st Rexburg PAP Event

~The 1st Arizona PAP Event

~A TOUR TO ISRAEL with Kay Godfrey & Asher Ashkenazi! (Coming in the Fall)

~More Book of Mormon and Universal Model Content!

~More Firesides & Special Presentations

~Classes at the Zion Family Camps

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Video Versions will be Exclusively Posted HERE with your paid Membership. 

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Elder Pearson, an LDS General Authority, said at a "Fair Mormon" talk that INDEPENDENT VOICES NEEDED to help spread the Gospel Worldwide!


Our goal is to provide a membership plan providing you access to hundred's of Spiritual Lectures, PAP Conferences, Firesides, Videos about Preparations, Campout Classes, and much more at a low monthly fee under $10 per month.  We are asking for people's help to get this site launched. We're only charging $5 per month for the 1st year, in order to build our content each month.  It's a commitment to adding new content every month. Those who sign up at a reduced rate will have the option to continue at the regular rate, or cancel after the first year..  

We will also be offering premium subscriptions for those interested in watching specialty shows and courses on topics such as Isaiah, The Book of Mormon, PAP World News Updates, and Christ-Centered Healing. These courses will involve individuals such as Mike Simpson, Hector Sosa Jr., David Warwick, Chad Daybell, Rod Meldrum, Dean Sessions, and many others. Prices will vary for special Series.

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